Wooden Flooring


So many activities take place in the kitchen such as stomping, running and spilling. This makes the kitchen to be one of the most trafficked places in your house. However, having the right finish, right wood, and regular maintenance can improve the durability of your kitchen wood floor.

Here are a few items you need to take it account before making your wooden kitchen floor.

Choose the best wood

You are advised to use thoake hardest wood species when making your kitchen floor ash and oak is among the strongest wood species that are used for making wooden floors. The greatest advantage with these native hard wood species is their beauty, delicate texture, and heavy gaining. Also, their camouflage nature helps in sealing the small scratches and dents that occur over time in your floor. Other strong natural wood species are mahogany, jatoba, and santos. The species are locally available in the market.


Have the best finishing

Your wooden kitchen floor needs a protective coating. Coating of the kitchen floor helps to prevent stains and moisture absorption. Most of the available wood floor finishes are suitable for your kitchen. In addition to the available finishes, the use of water-based clear finishing is recommended.

This finishing coat preserves the wood color. The bright finish can also be recoated easily. Most of these clear finishes are factory applied and can diffuse through the wood grains. An example of the water based finish is the acrylic coating. Though expensive, this layer is very durable and very cheap to maintain. Such finish also helps to disguise dust.

Lacquers finisheslllll

These finishes are very durable and strong. They are magnificent for interior designs. Areas that are severally damaged have to be replaced first before applying this finishing. The most vulnerable areas in the kitchen are near the stove, the fridge and near the sink. Use of rugs can secure such areas.

Oil finishes

Though they are not durable as lacquers, oil finish can be restored or fixed quickly. Oil finished wooden floor is most suitable for a kitchen in which the spills are immediately cleaned.

Proper matching

You should match your wooden floors with the kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen look appealing when the cabinets and floors have different looks. For example, a light colored cabinet matches with a dark floor.

Maintenance of hard wood kitchen floors

Kitchen floors suffer from staining and spillage. Therefore, a couple of coatings should be given to these wooden floors to seal them from moisture penetration. Any spilling material should also be wiped immediately from the floor. Strong chemicals should also be avoided when scrubbing your floor during cleaning.