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Improve Your Room’s Look And Atmosphere With The Perfect Rug


If you want to add some class and style to your living room, a nice-looking, quality rug will surely do the trick. From defining a zone to making a statement, a beautiful rug is a potent style tool. But, how should you go about choosing such a rug, especially since there are so many types of rugs on the market, from the southwestern rugs to all kinds of oriental ones? Well, read on, and you will learn how.

Dimensions and aesthetics

For starters, measure your space and proceed by choosing the aesthetics. Do you prefer solid block or patterned colors? Would you rather go with a synthetic or a natural fiber? Is the rug going to be partially covered by your coffee table or a sofa? Make sure to answer all these questions before making a decision and keep in mind the needs of your family members.


Materials and style

Next, up take into the consideration the theme of your living room, the color of the walls, the sofa, and the general feel you want to create in the room. If you are striving for a more relaxing and harmonious atmosphere, you should go with a wool rug that features a muted palette. On the other hand, you prefer something more moody and dark, a rug with lots of texture and deeper tones will do just fine.

Next up, do you need a patterned or a plain rug? In this case, take into consideration other colors in the room, the location where you intend to place the rug, and the arrangement of your chairs and the sofa. A pale rug will provide a more soothing, mellow look, while a darker one will make the environment look more intimate. Pay attention not to end up with a patterned rug, only to cover it with other furniture.

Your choice of the rug material should depend on its location, as well as its purpose, whether it is to add a touch of luxury and class or purely functional. If you need something durable, look for the rugs that are made from natural fibers, wool blends, or synthetic fibers, all of which can take lots of wear and tear.

Square rugs or round ones?

Square rugs are excellent when it comes to defining space but are not so exciting from an aesthetical point of view. On the other hand, round rugs are known to add a strong sense of softness and serenity to a room, regardless of whether it fits properly or not. Therefore, if you are struggling with your room arrangement, go with a round rug. However, if everything fits perfectly, a rectangular rug might be a better choice.


Child-friendly variants

If you want your rug to perfectly suit your kids, you will need something that is not only good-looking but also hardwearing. In this case, consider the weave, the pattern, and texture. Focus on the rugs that feature more synthetic fibers. A great option here would be a rug made from a wool blend and featuring a patterned color, instead of a solid black one. Always keep in mind that children adore to sit and play on rugs, so make sure that your new rug feels great as well.