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Pool warranties and what you need to know


Warranty for your swimming pool is a major factor which you should always ask for and compare. You must emember that a pool warranty is only as good as the organization that grants them. Many pool builders leave the business every year which also expires your warranty if it happens with your constructor. Anyone can offer a warranty, but if they are not around for long, then you have nothing in the way of a guarantee. There are various aspects that you should keep in mind when you are evaluating the warranty for your swimming pool.kjdetyja

The competition

In recent years, many professionals have entered a competition to see who offers the longest guarantee on their products, understanding that this is an aspect that the end customer is taking into account when deciding between the different alternatives. It is important to know the warranty and what is included.

Consider exceptions

Many professional compete offering the longest guarantee, but this can also mean that they include many exceptions that somehow exempt them from this warranty period or only cover specific features of the construction, but not those of more relevance, which makes it not a “real” guarantee. So when you start looking for a warranty for your swimming pool, you must be clear whether these assurances really are what they seem or if they are something that can affect us financially in the long run.


It is also true that many companies have such confidence in their products that they offer these long-term guarantees to differentiate themselves from the rest and show the quality of their products with those of the competition.


ndxtmsOn the other hand, there are the guarantees of installation, and this is an important point to keep in mind considering it is a technical sector, many times we need the help of a professional to install it correctly. These guarantees, unless the professional tacitly include it, are often different from the product guarantees, and it is important that the customer knows and values them. For example, you can have a guarantee for the product of 5 years, but the warranty of installation is for two years. This is significant because it is possible that after some time we may find some problem which is hard to identify if it is due to a problem with the equipment or the installation.

Another case is the construction of swimming pools. The reality is that these types of guarantees usually play with different “tricks” so be cautious and read the conditions carefully.