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What It Takes To Have An Attractive Lawn


Maintaining a lawn requires significant efforts. As we all know, it needs regular care. As such, homeowners are expected to devote a fair share of their time and resources to have a healthy lawn. Besides the initial investment, you need to show constant effort to keep your lawn in the right shape. You will be required to weed it frequently, use the right fertilizers, and mow it among other things.

Lawn care tips

Remove all weeds

You need to develop a habit of inspecting your lawn regularly to see aSdaaDefSwhether weeds have attacked it. In most instances, weeds start growing in those barren spots before spreading to other areas. Therefore, if there are some areas without grass, scatter grass over them to reduce the chances of having weeds. In case you already have some weeds growing, put them out as soon as you spot them.

Balance the PH of the soil

The PH of the soil determines how healthy your lawn will be. As such, you should have a PH tester to evaluate the PH levels in the soil. The PH levels should be somewhere between six and seven. Values lower than six refer to acidic conditions whereas anything above 7 is basic or alkaline. Very high or low PH values indicate that the plants are not getting adequate nutrients. In this regard, sprinkle some lime on the grass often to restore the PH levels.

Water the lawn

Watering serves to replenish the amount of water taken from the soil. Did you know that most grasses can stay without water for a week? Therefore, in case you notice some signs of your grass drying, it is clear that the soil has been dry for a while. As such, make an effort of irrigating the lawn deeply. You also do not need to water if too frequently.


dASedfALike going for a harm cut, mowing serves to make your lawn look attractive. Moreover, frequent mowing has the effect of making your lawn healthy. Thus, you need to invest in a lawn mower for consistent grooming. A lawn mower is a great investment for DIY homeowners. As a tip, most landscapers recommends mowing during the evening. This serves to give the mowed grass some reprieve before the sun starts shining again.

Tending to a lawn requires considerable effort. Besides the tips shared above, you might also be required to do some mulching, detaching, or even aerating the lawn. A well-kept lawn not only looks aesthetically appealing but improves the comfort levels in your home.