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How to polish a concrete floor


Without a doubt, it is a fact that polished concrete floors have become the most preferred option for homes and businesses. Utilizing floor polishing melbourne when building your concrete floor can add an attractive glitter and shine to your home. Polished concrete floor goes a long way in making the floor look lustrous and also tough at the same time. The major benefit of having a concrete floor is that it is easy to clean and is allergen free. The following are steps to follow when polishing a concrete floor if you feel like you can do it and you possess the necessary skills:

Get a grinder and abrasive discs

You need to have a grinder and abrasive discs before starting this process. Since thhghyjfjgkjggke grinder is expensive, you should probably hire one from a hardware store. For the best results, you should rent an upright, walk behind grinder because it is to use. If you require diamond abrasive discs, you should buy them. These discs are of various grit levels that range from 16 to 3000.keep in mind that the higher the grit number the finer the abrasive.

Remove the coating from the floor

If you have any coating on the floor, you should consider using the grit abrasive to get it off. Start with the coarse grit so that you can level out the flooring and then work your way up to the finest grit disc.In addition to getting the coating off the floor, the grit will also smoothen out the floor for the polishing process.

Fill in the cracks

If cracks or dents exist on the floor, you should get them filled up with cement epoxy. If you cannot find cement epoxy, you should contact a flooring professional who will suggest any other good filler that you can use.To reduce the need for coarser grinding, you should fill the cracks in the floor to the perfect level.

Grind the floor

tyftyufyufyjAfter filling the cracks and dents, you should begin grinding the floor. You should start grinding from one corner and move your way through the entire floor. For the best results, you should use a 30 grit metal-bonded abrasive to start and then continue with an 80 bonded grit. You should finalize the grinding process with a 150 grit.

Apply the hardener

After completing the grinding process, you should apply a chemical concrete hardener so as to establish a high gloss appearance. You should then polish the floor with resin-bonded diamond abrasive using 100 grit and go on with the process using 400 resin-bonded grit. You should then use an 800 resin-bonded grit until you arrive at the required shine,