Reducing Power Consumption


Is your power bill very high? Most people get worried when the electric bill gets too high. You don’t have to worry any more. There are various methods that you can apply to lower the power consumption cost in your home and office. Here are some of the tips you can follow in reducing electricity consumption.

Switch off any equipment not in use

Always switch off all the equipment in case they are not operating. This will help in cutting all the unnecessary costs. Most people have a tendency of forgetting to switch off fans and lights once they finish working in the room. Always avoid this by ensuring all the devices are switched off while leaving your room.Even when operating in the drawing room or kitchen you should make an effort of switching off the devices such as microwaves, toasters from the sockets. This can reduce power consumption by more than 20%.

Lower temperature for heating elements or devices

Geysers used for bathing purposes should have their temperature regulated to about 60 degrees Celsius. Adequate insulation on pipes and bathing geysers also helps in reducing power consumption.

Insulation of various devices

It is very critical to ensure that all the electrical devices are well insulated. High power consumption devices tends to get very warm when in use. This makes them to retain a lot of heat in the process. Most of this energy is lost in form of heat insulation helps to lower the energy lost in form of heat energy.

Install light efficient systemsdfwdgdggr

From technological advancements, most of the lighting devices are designed with an effective inbuilt systems with power saving moods. Examples of energy saving lighting systems include the CFL and LED. These power saving devices have a minimum energy consumption but gives more energy. These bulbs cut the energy consumption by 75 % when compared with the incandescent bulbs.

Use of solar cells

Solar power is a renewable source of energy. A solar cell converts the sun’s energy into electrical energy. It is able to charge itself. Most educational institutions and offices have installed these solar cells as a means of reducing their power consumption.

Use of power saving devices

These are low power consumption appliances. They help in saving electricity just as their name suggests. Their connection to the main grid has proven to cut the power cost by 25%. They also play a crucial role in reducing power surge thus keeping your devices safe. This helps in increasing their performance and durability.